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Simla Akyol

Your question:
What types of food could you serve for a one-year-old's birthday party?

The expert answers:
What to serve at a child's birthday party depends on the timing of the party. If you're having your event around lunch time, serving lunch would be appropriate but not necessary.

In general, one-year-old birthday parties are for close family members and friends where mixed age group of kids attending. I would consider the majority attendees -- if they are mostly grown-ups, mostly younger kids -- age 3 and under -- older kids or all of the above) and timing of the party before deciding on what to serve.

Generally, a serving cold cuts works perfectly for any children's events. Sit-down lunches are neither attractive to younger kids nor convenient for parents with young kids at a party atmosphere.

A cold cuts with cheese platter, baguettes and crackers and vegetable and fruit platters as well as salads are favorites of kids as well as grown-ups. Serving pasta dishes with vegetables or salads are other options.

My best advice is to keep it very simple and be aware of guests with food allergies, and special diets. (vegan, vegetarian, kosher etc.) PregnancyAndBaby.com


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