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Mark Moore, MD

Your question:
I have a three-year-old preschooler and now a two-week-old baby. How do we keep the baby from catching the coughs and colds her older sister gets from school?

Dr Moore answers:
Recognize that the number one diagnosis for doctor's office visits is URI or upper respiratory infection. The most common spread of these germs is via droplet (coughing) and contact (germs spread by hand to mouth or nose).

Teach your preschooler to cover her mouth when she coughs, wash hands frequently, keep her hands and fingers out of her mouth. A healthy diet and proper sleep will help your child avoid colds that can spread to the little one.

I'm sure your pediatrician advised you to limit outdoor exposure of the newborn for the first four to six weeks. This limits the baby's exposure to other people and the germs they carry. Mama should be careful to do the same. Antibacterial wipes work well on the go, when no soap and water is available.

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