Planning Your Baby's First Birthday

by Jan Jewell What do you want to know? Come ask the experts! A selection of answers to your questions will...

by Jan Jewell

What do you want to know? Come ask the experts! A selection of answers to your questions will be regularly posted on the site. For instant gratification, click here to see what other questions have already been answered. Something not here that you want to know? Well come on -- ask your question! The question:
What are some fun all-ages activities for my son's first birthday party? Do you have any other tips for the event? - Robin in Troy, Michigan

The party expert answers:

While your one-year-old may not be up to party games just yet, but that doesn't mean the other kids can't play! Some great party games that kids of many different ages can play include Pin the Tail on the donkey, relay games, treasure hunts, sack races and piƱatas. GeoParent also has a great list of noncompetitive party games, while our website, Birthday, lists games and activities for all ages.

A character visit can be an absolute smash: have an adult relative or friend dress up as your child's favorite character. Costume rentals are easy and inexpensive at your local costume shop. Use your creativity when it comes to activities and the partygoers will be amazed at the fun they had at your child's party. (Look here for tips on hiring an entertainerinstead.)

Before deciding on what kind of favors to give, you will want to consider the child's age. Kids under the age of 3 need extra-safe toys. You want to make sure the toys are well-made, and are also large enough so they can't be swallowed. Some favor ideas include blowouts, beanbags, stickers, squeeze toys, Play-Doh and crayons. Be sure to give a favor to each child, no matter how old or young.

When it comes to planning the event, consider that early afternoon tends to be the best time for a birthday party. It allows you enough time to prepare for the guests, and also enough time to clean up afterward.

If available, a babysitter, older sibling or a few extra parents can be an added big help at your child's party. Prep each person on his or her individual area (activities, food, etc.) before sitting back and having fun!

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