Nancy J Price and Betsy Bailey When it comes to your baby's nursery, you might think there's too much to...
Nancy J Price and Betsy Bailey

When it comes to your baby's nursery, you might think there's too much to do and too little time! We have good news for you: Getting started on your nursery project is as easy as A, B, C...
Baby Nursery A to Z
Your baby's nursery, A to Z
In the nursery, safety is of utmost importance. But what dangers lurk? "The biggest nursery safety hazards are choking and strangulation," says Paula Markowitz. She cites the following risks:

  • Bedding not conforming to current voluntary standards
  • Long drapes on windows
  • Wall hangings displayed directly above cribs
  • Drawstrings on window treatments
  • Infant's access to long strings and cords -- for example, from older toys, wires and cords from lamps and heating equipment
  • Pillows in the crib
  • Bedding of fabric that poses a choking danger

    Here are some more repairs to make and precautions to take:

  • Secure bookcases, dressers and any tall furniture to the wall
  • Be sure there's no heavy/breakable items on shelving
  • Use window locks and safety latches
  • Trim cords from window blinds and use a breakaway clip
  • Repair broken window panes
  • Install outlet covers
  • Be sure electrical cords (from lamps, etc.) are not accessible
  • Consider babyproofing drawers and doors
  • Install a non-lockable doorknob
  • Use low-profile knobs and handles
  • Cover sharp corners/edges to protect baby (and you!) from bumps
  • Secure the heater vent
  • Use a lead paint test kit (available from a hardware store)
  • Install a smoke detector (or check the batteries)
  • Check that lighting or ceiling fans are correctly installed with reinforced ceiling electrical boxes
  • Make sure rugs have non-slip mats underneath

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