How To Get Them To Try The Good Stuff!

Ever wonder exactly how you should introduce veggies to baby? Should you give cereal at the same time, a different time during the day, or scratch it all together? Listen in to this conversation between some new mamas.
by Real moms

I am going to start Reagan on veggies next week. When you started veggies, did you still give them cereal with it? I am only feeding solids once a day for now. We have gone through rice cereal (likes it) and oatmeal (will put up with it, but not her favorite), and we are doing barley next, then peas. I had planned on only giving her one thing at a time while I try out new things, but it looks like some of us give both cereal and veggies/fruit together. If so, do you mix them? Did you do this at first or is this after they try each thing? Thanks! - Jeni

Hi Jeni, At first I mixed sweet potato with rice cereal because she seemed not so interested in the plain sweet potato. But her preference seems to change daily! Sometimes when I mix them together she seems to prefer "straight up" sweet potato, and other times when I give them to her separately she shows a preference for the mix. So I basically just go with whatever works for the day! I feed Madeleine solids twice a day now, and always prepare a little rice cereal and oatmeal along with the sweet potato (that's the first/only veggie I've given her so far). Like Reagan, she's not a huge fan of the oatmeal, but sometimes she'll take a little. I guess this is just a long-winded way of saying I'm trying to go with the flow and follow her lead! Good luck - Lisa

I have always been told to offer cereal in the morning and evening. Start out with cereal once a day for a couple weeks then go to twice a day working up to 1/4 cup cereal a day total. Then introduce one new food. I have done it that way with all my kids. Mason is only allowed rice cereal and one fruit until he is six months per pediatrician. He has cereal with homemade applesauce in the am at 8am then just cereal plain in the eve at 5pm. Our pediatrician says no lunch until after six months. When we add lunch it will be a fruit and a veggie. That's just our schedule. Everybody does it differently. The veggie can be given plain or mixed with a food baby is already used to. It doesn't matter. - Eternityglobal

Avery has had rice cereal, which she doesn't really care for. She is now on carrots -- yum! She has also had green beans, which she likes and mashed avocado, which she LOVES! I have heard so many different ways to feed solids, I have no idea what to do. So, I just feed her some. I figure she'll be OK, she has to eat all solids eventually. - annabelle921

We've only done rice cereal, and we give it to her in the morning and evening. Yesterday, for the first time, I offered her a bit of sweet potato mixed in with her rice cereal. She seemed to like it better than just plain rice cereal. She eats so little of it. Some days she's into solids, others not. I never force her to eat. If she wants it I go with it. If not, I throw it all out. I now make much less than when I started out so I don't waste so much! - Judy

We give Joshua rice cereal in the morning and then later on we give him sweet potatoes for "dinner". Just started with the sweet potatoes and he LOVES them! - Alicia

When I started I gave him sweet taters alone for three days then I mixed in cereal with two cubes (2 oz approx). I interchange them between mixing cereal and giving it alone. If he has it alone, it's three cubes. HE LOVES LOVES LOVES sweet potatoes. He tollerates peas (so do I) and doesn't mind zucchini, I'll give carrots after 6mos. I'm going to try avocado next. I didn't follow the light to dark veggie thing. Ean doesn't seem to mind either. Although I think he got attached to bananas and striked for a day or two after I stopped them. I only occasionally give them to him right now due to the sweetness (don't want him too attached to them). -

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