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During pregnancy, most women see their caregiver at least 12 times at routine prenatal appointments. Considering that many caregivers don't see pregnant patients until the end of the first trimester (about week 12), that's a lot of appointments in a short space of time!
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Prenatal appointments generally follow some guidelines: the closer you get to birth, the more often you visit. Enter the date of the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP) and we'll calculate an estimated timeline to let you know roughly when you might be seeing your doctor or midwife. Please keep in mind that your caregiver may work in a different way, and that your health needs may dictate a different schedule. (Your browser needs to be Java-enabled for this program to calculate.)

Fill in your LMP information here
Month: Day: Year:

May have Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) test between 10-12 weeks
Week 12 appointment:

May have amniocentesis between 15-18 weeks; May have AFP test
Week 16 appointment:

May have an ultrasound during week 20
Week 20 appointment:

Week 24 appointment:

At 28 weeks, may begin bi-weekly appointments; May have gestational diabetes screen (glucose tolerance test); May get RhoGam injection if negative blood type
Week 28 appointment:

Week 30 appointment:

Week 32 appointment:

Week 34 appointment:

Begin weekly appointments at week 36
Week 36 appointment:

Week 37 appointment:

Week 38 appointment:

Week 39 appointment:

Week 40 appointment: The date directly above should be your due date!

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