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From the beginning of a child's life, products intended for a child must be selected with safety in mind. Parents and caretakers of babies and young children need to be aware of many potential hazards in the child's environment hazards from incorrect use of products or with products not well designed for their intended purpose. The article below discusses what you neeed to know about stroller and baby carriage safety.

The risks
Deaths have resulted when infants were left to sleep in strollers with the backrest reclined to the carriage position. The infants moved (wriggled) feet first towards the front of the stroller and, when their bodies passed through the opening between the handrest (grab bar) and front edge of the seat, they became trapped by the head and strangled.

If you are buying a stroller or carriage
1. If you choose a stroller that has a handrest (grab bar) at the front of the seat, make sure the opening between grab bar and seat can be closed when it is used in the reclined carriage position.

2. If a stroller has a shopping basket for carrying packages, it should be low on the back of the stroller and in front of (or directly over) the rear wheels. Hanging pocketbooks or shopping bags over handles may cause tipping.

3. Check the seat belt to make sure it is strong and durable, fits snugly around your child, and can be easily fastened and unfastened. Use the seat belt each time you place the baby in the stroller.

4. Make sure that the brake is convenient to operate and actually locks the wheels. Brakes on two wheels provide an extra measure of safety.

Safety tips
1. Close the opening between handrest (grab bar) and seat when using a stroller in the reclined carriage position.

2. When folding or unfolding a stroller, keep your child away from it. Children's fingers have been amputated in parts of the folding mechanism.

3. Always secure the seat belt.

4. Never leave a child unattended in a stroller, especially when the baby is asleep.

5. A stroller is not a toy. Never allow children to use one as a plaything.

6. Never use a pillow, folded quilt, or blanket as a mattress in a stroller or carriage.

A checklist
Use this checklist as your guide when buying new or secondhand strollers or carriages, or when you evaluate the product now being used by your baby or young child.

[ ] Stroller has wide base to prevent tipping.

[ ] Seat belt and crotch strap are securely attached to frame.

[ ] Seat belt buckle is easy to use.

[ ] Brakes securely lock the wheel(s).

[ ] Shopping basket is low on the back and located directly over or in front of the wheels.

[ ] When used in carriage position, leg hole openings can be closed.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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