The Lowdown On Making Your Baby's Room Perfect - Whether Boy Or Girl

Whether you're not sure if your baby's going to be a boy or a girl, having one (or more!) of each or just don't want to stick with "traditional" gender themes, here are some design tips for a unisex nursery just for you!
Pam O'Hallaron, ASID

Nursery design doesn't have to be a challenge for parents who opt to wait for life's ultimate surprise. Consider your favorite theme, fabric, or piece of furniture, and make this item the foundation for your design plan.

Keep the room simple until your baby arrives. Determine your basic color palette and theme -- mix and match colors and fabrics to add fun and flair! Popular fabrics right now are toile, chenille, velvets, ginghams, and plaids.

Hot colors include red, vanilla, sage, blue, and yellow. Gender-neutral furnishing finishes are white, natural, or cherry.

Some notable themes for the baby's room include: nursery rhymes (cow over the moon, Humpty Dumpty, the three little pigs, or a combination of all your favorites); outdoor themes (bugs/flower garden, frogs and bunnies); animals (farm animals, bears and lambs); and styles (French country, contemporary, Victorian, traditional).

Once you have the nursery done, you can then add appropriate accessories for a girl or boy after you bring your little one home. This final accessorizing step gives parents the opportunity to personalize this precious space. For her, consider adorning the walls with a pastel princess wall hanging with her initial; for him, spell his name with big letters suspended from blue polka dot

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