On Bedrest Or Having A Tough Pregnancy? There's Help

A woman on bedrest is doing anything but resting. She is probably worried and nervous. She needs someone to talk to and someone to help explain the many options she has and procedures that may occur.
Rachel Gurevich

An antepartum doula provides informational, emotional, physical, and practical support to women with high-risk pregnancies as well as teen mothers, single women, rape victims who are pregnant, women with severe morning sickness or any other mom who needs extra support during pregnancy. The doula provides her client with books, articles and research papers to help her make better-informed choices.

Emotional support is vital for a woman on bedrest, and talking over concerns is another way a doula can help. Feeling pampered can really lift your spirits. Some doulas will do your hair, give you a foot or hand massage, rent you some videos and pop some popcorn, or even make a belly cast for you (with the permission of your caregiver).

Antepartum doulas also help with practical needs, like laundry, cooking and meal planning, and sibling care. She may also attend you during the birth and can give support during the postpartum period, especially if your child needs to spend time in the newborn intensive care unit.

Two places to look for an antepartum doula are Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association's Website (or call 888-548-3672) and DoulaNetwork.com. You can also try calling childbirth educators, your doctor's office, the antepartum unit at the hospital, and local postpartum and labor doulas.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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