More Gifts Ideas For New Parents!

Being pregnant changes everything about your life, including the types of items that are likely to show up on your holiday wish list this year. While you might be tempted to fill your list with baby-related paraphernalia (everything from clothing to toys to diaper bags!) don't forget to include a few items for yourself, too. After all, there will be plenty of time to go into martyr mode after your baby arrives!

Ann Douglas


More Mom's the Word by Ann Douglas

Here are some items you might like to add to your wish list this holiday season.

1. A copy of Momnipotent. You'll want to pay particular attention to "It's So Chic to be Pregnant at Christmas," her humorous take on what it's really like to be mega-pregnant during the holiday season.

8. Home spa essentials. What better way to ward off insomnia and other late pregnancy sleep problems than by finishing off the day with a relaxing massage and some other soothing spa experiences? Either hand your partner a jar of Qiora Slow Down Massage cream (, $80) or treat yourself to a do-it-yourself massage using the AccuReach Precision Massager (Waterpik, $50), a j-shaped massage device that allows you to hit all those hard-to-reach spots yourself.

And while you're in home spa mode, you'll also want to give your feet a little tender loving care, so be sure to add a Pedicure Foot Spa (Waterpik, $50) to your wish list, too. Other spa-type items that will encourage you to stick with your new "pamper me" program include the Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace , a stress-relief CD. Ahhh...

9. A one-of-a-kind fragrance. You may not be able to indulge in fine wine right now, but you can still indulge your taste in the finer things in life by enjoying the luxury of a custom fragrance. Eleuria Inc. will design a custom fragrance that is uniquely you and that even takes into account the fact that you're pregnant. Simply fill out the questionnaire at www.eleuria.comto come up with the unique recipe for your own custom fragrance ($62.50).

10. Comfort kits for labor and beyond. Treat yourself to Special Deliverease (, $45), a labor comfort kit packed with goodies designed you to cope with whatever challenges Mother Nature throws your way, or Special Momease ($52), a new mother comfort kit designed to nurture you through the rollercoaster ride known as

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