The Baby Guy NYC Has Launched A New Website! Check It Out And Enter To Win An Uppababy VISTA.

The Baby Guy NYC has launched a new website! Check it out and enter to win an Uppababy VISTA.

So it's no secret I have a slight crush on The Baby Guy and that I'm obsessed with strollers. Obsessed. with. strollers. I've owned far too many. I still look at them and toss around the possibility of new ones, even though my youngest is 2.5. Hey, she only weighs 30 pounds. Plus, she and my four-year-old, who also weighs just over 30 pounds, still ride in strollers during our Disneyland, Sea World, Zoo and other excursions, which we take often.Totally justified.

Because I, ahem, follow The Baby Guy, I noticed that he launched his new website, The Baby Guy Gear Guide. There, you will find very helpful reviews of strollers (so far - hopefully more products will be reviewed in the future).

Currently, he has an extremely comprehensive review of the new Uppababy VISTA. His list of pros are extensive, and his only real con is the weight, which I personally believe is the con of any good stroller. My very favorite stroller (the Valco Twin Tri Mode) is a beast.

The Baby Guy is giving away an Uppababy VISTA on his Facebook page. If you'd like to enter, go to The Baby Guy NYC's Facebook page. All mamas need a good stroller. A free stroller? Even better! (As a side note, I recently started entering giveaways that are easy to enter - like this one - and I've been on a roll. I won a Maclaren play set for my kids, tickets to Disney on Ice, a Flip... Maybe I can pass some of my luck onto you. Enter!)

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