Arsenic Found In Popular Apple Juice Brands

This country doesn't seem to value kids much. Last year lead was found in many popular baby foods and juices...
This country doesn't seem to value kids much. Last year lead was found in many popular baby foods and juices targeted at kids. This summer, a surprisingly large amount of arsenic was found in Mott's Apple Juice. Now, Dr. Oz and his team have turned up even more arsenic in many popular juice brands. baby food, homemade apple sauce, Homemade baby food, organic baby food, organic applesauce, lead in juice, arsenic in juice, arsenic in apple juice Just how much arsenic was found in top apple juice brands? The EPA doesn't clarify safe levels of arsenic in juice, but they do state that the safe limit for drinking water is 10 parts per billion of arsenic. Most of the juices tested by Dr. Oz, had a lot more arsenic then 10 parts per billion. For example, some Gerber Apple Juice test samples contained 36 parts per billion while some Juicy Juice Apple Juice samples contained 22 parts per billion. Both of these test results are more than double the amount of arsenic that the EPA says is logically safe in drinking water. Is arsenic really all that bad? Yes. It's true that arsenic is a naturally occurring metal that does tend to pop up in edibles. However, just because something is natural, doesn't make it safe. Arsenic is linked to cancer and many other health problems. In fact arsenic is known to be toxic to vital organs such as the liver, skin, kidney and cardiovascular system. You don’t want your child drinking it. How to avoid arsenic in juice: The organic juices tested by Dr. Oz did not contain high amounts of arsenic. In fact, apples, and products made from apples, are already something you should buy in organic form, as apples contain more pesticides that other types of fruit. So first of all, buying organic apple juice is a must. Also, according to reports, the FDA only tests around 2% of all food products shipped into the USA from other countries. Not good. This means you're more likely to avoid harmful foods and drinks if you buy USA made products. If you want more in-depth coverage of this issue read: Dr. Oz Finds Arsenic in Many Top Apple Juice Brands To learn more about safe and healthy organics for your baby visit the following links:

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