Does Your Baby Have Allergies Or The Common Cold?

It can be hard to tell the difference between baby allergies and a baby cold - especially now that summer...
It can be hard to tell the difference between baby allergies and a baby cold - especially now that summer is in full swing and flowers are blooming and fluff falls from trees. Here's how to figure it out. Signs of a baby cold: The common cold is usually a basic viral infection that only lasts 72 hours BUT beyond the infection the cold symptoms may last for up to two weeks. Your baby may have a stuffy nose but very little sneezing. Babies with colds tend to have a higher than normal temperature, body aches and a mild wet cough. Other symptoms include...
  • Clear mucus that turns that an icky yellow or green color.
  • Tiredness or irritability – more than usual.
  • Symptoms will get worse over a few days but then die down by a week or two week mark.
Because colds really shouldn't last that long, if symptoms carry on for a good long while (a week or more) I'd visit the doctor. Signs of baby allergies: The number one sign of baby allergies is sneezing. While a baby with a cold and a sneeze is rare, a baby with allergies and sneezing a lot is common. Your baby's nose may itch - even if she can't talk and tell you her nose itches, you'll see her scrunch her tiny nose like a bunny rabbit or itch at it. She’ll have itchy eyes and might rub them frequently. A dry cough may be present. Allergy symptoms, unlike a cold can last a while. Symptoms can occur during allergy season in your area or beyond allergy season. Note that baby allergy symptoms do not commonly include fever or colored mucus. Also keep in mind that allergies can pop up at any time. My son never had them as a baby but did develop some at the age of six. Being allergy free one year doesn't mean your child can't have allergies ever. Also some home problems like mold can cause temporary allergies. To treat allergy symptoms you'll need to get your doctor's advice as care can vary depending on location and severity of the allergies.

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