There Is No Safe Amount Of Alcohol During Pregnancy, In Spite Of Rumors You May Hear.

Just the other day we looked at how Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders are 100% preventable. It's pretty simple. Don't drink...
Just the other day we looked at how Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders are 100% preventable. It's pretty simple. Don't drink alcohol during your pregnancy and your baby is 100% not at risk for problems caused by alcohol. However, in the comments a reader brought up the fact that a doctor told her that, "One drink of wine a night will not harm the fetus." Her doctor also said that the women with a problem are, "The binge drinkers or the ones who drink a few drinks a night." I disagree. There are no studies that claim that ANY amount of alcohol is 100% safe during pregnancy. Each time you take even a small drink you expose your baby to risks involved with alcohol. As I told this reader... If you have just one drink a night times your entire pregnancy that’s a whole lot of alcohol. The CDC who notes that any alcohol during pregnancy constitutes risky drinking behavior, says one typical glass of wine is 5oz and contains 12% alcohol. If you have one drink a night that’s 1,500 ounces of alcohol while pregnant that goes right to your baby. Now another study about the risks of alcohol has surfaced. According to Reuters, a pooled analysis of data from published studies shows that drinking alcohol during pregnancy is associated with a 56% increased risk of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in children. AML is a type of blood cancer. In an email to Reuters Health, Dr. Julie Ross of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, notes that leukemia is not a sure thing if you drink while pregnant - so keep in in perspective. Still, Ross also notes, "Given other risks associated with alcohol drinking during pregnancy, these results can help to reiterate the message that it is probably best to abstain from alcohol if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant." Before you take a sip of alcohol, even if your doctor, friend or some other person says it's safe remember that U.S. Surgeon General, the March of Dimes, the American Pregnancy Association, the World Health Organization and countless other prestigious health organizations all say that NO alcohol is the only known safe amount during pregnancy. *Source

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