Don't let the bedbugs bite may be a fun saying, but the reality is that bedbugs can bite. Worse the...
Don't let the bedbugs bite may be a fun saying, but the reality is that bedbugs can bite. Worse the little buggies aren't picky. They'll bite your baby and can cause problems. Are bedbugs real? Bedbugs are totally real. Bedbugs are little bugs the size of an apple seed. They're reddish brown, oval and flat. These bugs are called bedbugs because they hide out in your bed. During the daytime they'll hide in cracks, box springs, bedding crevices, and even in your headboard or with a nursery, crib railings. Why are they here? According to the Mayo Clinic, bedbugs have been around for thousands of years. However, they all but vanished After World War II, after being killed off from most developed nations with the use of DDT; a pesticide that has since been banned because it's so toxic to the environment and to humans. Due to international travel increases bedbugs have made a comeback. Your chances of having bedbugs in your home can increase if you spend time in hotels, hospitals or homeless shelters - i.e. anywhere where a lot of people come and go. Do they really bite? Sadly, yes. Bedbugs suck on your blood at night like tiny vampires leaving small itchy red bumps on exposed skin. The bumps may or may not appear in clusters or lines. The bites can be super itchy and can become infected if over-scratched. How to tell if you have bedbugs... There are all sorts of reasons your baby may have bites. Bedbug bites can look like scabies or other insect bites. To see if you have bedbugs, look at your sheets or your little one's bedding and check for small tiny dark spots - this is the bugs' excrement or blood - (um ick). Relieve the bites... If your home is infested you'll need to hire a professional pest control company. Bedbugs are very hard to get rid of on your own and pesticide bug sprays are not safe for use around babies, children, or adults really. In the meantime, to relieve bites and cure the itching talk to your baby's pediatrician about an OTC itch cream or oral antihistamine.

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