In a previous post we looked at some polls surrounding the baby vaccine debate - should vaccines be required by...
In a previous post we looked at some polls surrounding the baby vaccine debate - should vaccines be required by law. WHAT I THINK: I don't think we should require vaccines by law. In my opinion this is opening a door we may not want opened. If something like vaccines becomes a forced legal issue it makes me wonder where it'll all end. Will home births be completely outlawed even though study after study notes that home birth is a safe and viable option for many? Will homeschooling become totally illegal? Will doctors punish parents who want to raise vegetarian or vegan kids? Will the government or other major health organizations step in on all parental decisions? As someone who wanted a midwife and a home birth with my son I researched and am well aware of the legal implications of midwifery and home birth in this country. As an unschooler whose son now attends a Free School I'm also way overly aware that too many people stick their noses into educational issues needlessly. Minus physical punishment of kids (which I have very strong opinions about - I'm anti physical punishment; if you can't leagally hit another adult I have NO idea why it's ok to hit your child) I don't think organizations or the government should be allowed to make decisions that parents should be making. I'm not up for anyone telling me or other parents that we HAVE TO vaccinate our kids. Especially when I have friends who are dead set against it. DO I VACCINATE? Although I don't believe that parents should be forced to vaccinate I did get my own son vaccinated with all the typical baby vaccines. I don't believe that all vaccines have been proven perfectly safe and I'm not happy that vaccines can cause side effects but after weighing all the pros and cons I decided I was pro vaccine for my own son. For me it came down to the lesser of two evils. Yeah there are pros and cons, but I don't want my son to get Bacterial Meningitis or Measles or another baddie illness. I have enough to worry about as a parent and vaccinating my son allows me some piece of mind when it comes to illnesses. Secondly, if my son would have been a daughter I would have gotten her vaccinated for another reason - her own (maybe) future pregnancies. Some illnesses can cause serious complications for unborn babies and the best time to get vaccinated is BEFORE you conceive. Many vaccines are not considered safe during pregnancy but when given before conception, these vaccines can help ensure a healthy pregnancy. Important vaccines include rubella immunization and the varicella vaccine. If you're pregnant and not vaccinated against these two illness then get said illnesses while pregnant it can cause a host of health problems for your baby. So I'm pro vaccine for my own son but not pro forced vaccines. I have plenty of pals who did not vaccinate and their kids are perfectly healthy as is my own son so I've seen both sides. For some other views on the good and bad of vaccines read: Do you think vaccines should be forced by law? Why or why not?

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