In light of some major crib recalls this year it's evident that not all baby products are made carefully and...
In light of some major crib recalls this year it's evident that not all baby products are made carefully and safe from the get-go. With that in mind it's up to parents to make sure all items; furniture, clothing, feeding gear, and even toys that come into contact with their baby are safe. You should be doing weekly to monthly checkups on all your baby's gear to make sure it's safe. “Keeping up with product safety is a constant job,” says Erica Gomez, Home Safety Coordinator at Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Injury Prevention Center. “But it doesn’t have to overwhelm parents. Inspect toys regularly to make sure they don’t have loose parts and are in good condition. Any toy or piece of furniture that doesn’t pass your inspection should be removed from the home.” True. You don't have to be overwhelmed. First of all you can baby proof correctly from the start and focus on the biggie issue first. Secondly you can register for baby product recall info so when there is a major recall you'll be one of the first to know. Need more tips? With the above in mind, Phoenix Children’s Hospital urges parents to visit the CPSC website to learn more about crib and toy recalls. Additionally, they have some handy tips about toy box safety. While your baby may not need a toy box yet, it's a smart eventual purchase so make sure you look for the following safety features.
  • Look for toy boxes with light weight lids. If children fall in or somehow get in the toy box they should be able to easily open the lid.
  • Check to make sure that there are no latches or locks on the toy box, so a child cannot become trapped. Consider removing the lid entirely, if necessary.
  • Look for a toy box that is well ventilated from the inside, without sharp edges or corners, and cut-outs on the sides and front of toy box to prevent children from pinching their fingers.
  • Use toy boxes with safety hinges can keep the toy box lid open to avoid injury.
*Source: Phoenix Children’s Hospital

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