If you're a mama of a brood rather than a single, or you're planning on another baby, you're likely wondering...
If you're a mama of a brood rather than a single, or you're planning on another baby, you're likely wondering wat to do about the car seat issue. Here are some tips. Used car seats are ok in this situation: The reasons why used car seats aren't recommended is that you, as the buyer, has no clue about the car seat history. If a car seat has been in an auto accident, even a very small one it needs to be replaced and you should always have a fully filled out warranty card sent in in case there's a recall. Since it's hard to get these needs met with a used car seat, you should always buy new. However, in the case of passing a seat down to a new sibling, it's fine because you do know the seat's history. Just make sure the seat is still in great working order. Where to seat everyone: The smallest children in your car need the safest spot in the car - and that's the middle back seat. For example, if you've got a newborn and a one year old the newborn should go in the middle. The middle seat should go to the child who needs the most protection based on age, size, and health, so if you have a child who is medically fragile, they'd sit in the middle. Your kiddos fight, fight, fight: I very well remember fighting non-stop with my siblings in the back seat at times. Now as an adult I feel bad about it because kids fighting back there is hyper annoying. If you've got two kids who always fight put one by each window vs. one in the middle. Not only is constant arguing annoying, but it's a major driving distraction. I'm not a fan of punishment for sibling fights, because I think kids should learn to work stuff out. However, when it comes to issues that cause violence or create a hazard, I think you should find a decent way to stop the behavior. Your tots can very realistically distract you and cause a car accident so find a punishment that works to stop the constant bickering. The kids outnumber the back seats: Kids have to sit in the back to be safe, so if you've got too many it can create a real problem. In many states it's actually illegal for young kids to be in the front. Your only option is to travel with less kids at a time or get a bigger car.

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