You can train your little one even earlier than you might think to love fruits and veggies; at least according...
You can train your little one even earlier than you might think to love fruits and veggies; at least according to a new research from the Monell Center. The center notes that babies can be encouraged to like fruits and veggies even before they start solids if you breastfeed.

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The center states, "If you’re breast feeding, you can provide baby with a good start by eating them yourself." Results from the study revealed that breastfed babies were more open to fruits and veggies when introduced to solids IF their mama ate them regularly when she was breastfeeding. For example, mamas who regularly ate peaches had babies who were more inclined to like peaches. Flavors are passed through your breast-milk so this is an easy way to ensure an early love of fruits and veggies. BUT - one downside of this study is that it could be simply that mamas who eat more fruits and veggies overall, may be more inclined towards other healthy habits such as breastfeeding and offering their baby fruits and veggies, so it's hard to know if it's breastfeeding in particular or the habits of mothers in general making the difference. Either way, what this research does show is that you, as a parent, without a doubt are the single biggest influence on your child's diet. Healthy early habits to get kids to love fruits and veggies...
  • Breastfeed - as shown above this could be very useful, plus it's just plain better for your baby.
  • Offer your baby plenty of opportunities to munch fruits and vegetables as he transitions to solids.
  • Eat healthy yourself - your kids will eat just like you - I've seen it over and over.
Need more tips? My eight year old son is primarily a vegetarian by choice and will happily choose veggies or fruits over candy or sweets on most occasions. Did we trick him? Nope - see how I raised a crazy veggie lover - it might work for you.

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