Toys"R"Us just unveiled their new national program that gives parents the opportunity to trade-in used cribs, car seats and other...
Toys"R"Us just unveiled their new national program that gives parents the opportunity to trade-in used cribs, car seats and other baby products in exchange for savings on a new item. The "Great Trade-In" event places an emphasis on specific old or second-hand baby products that may be potentially unsafe, but are still in circulation. For example, a recalled crib that someone is considering giving to a friend because they don't know its been recalled. According to Kids In Danger (KID) fewer than 30% of recalled items are actually returned when a baby product is recalled. It's not just recalls either. Many other older or used baby products can cause a concern as well as recalled items. For example, a car seat that has been upgraded to meet newer safety standards is better than an older seat that only meets old standards. WHEN: The "Great Trade-In" event begins this week, Friday, August 28 and ends on Sunday, September 20, 2009. WHERE: Babies"R"Us and Toys"R"Us locations nationwide. WHAT: These stores will accept returns on any used cribs, car seats, bassinets, strollers, travel systems, play yards and high chairs in exchange for a 20% savings on the purchase of any new baby item, in any of these product categories, from select manufacturers. How to find out if a baby product you own should be returned... Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), website for frequently updated recall information. Customers can the Toys "R" Us Safety website for the latest information on product safety and to sign up to receive product recall notifications by e-mail. Toys "R" Us notes that parents should also be aware that the following items should perhaps be brought into the event.
  • Older cribs, which have changed significantly over the past few years may not have been produced to meet new
  • stringent requirements.
  • Car seats that have been involved in an accident can sustain damage that may not be visible to you, but could prevent the seat from functioning properly.
  • Car seats have expiration dates, as the materials can deteriorate over time, potentially making the car seat less effective in a crash. Check with your car seat manufacturer to determine the recommended period of use for a particular car seat.
  • Any baby items missing parts or instruction books for proper assembly, installation or use should no longer be used.

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