Baby proofing the bathroom is an important job. There are lots of little things in a bathroom that can hurt...
Baby proofing the bathroom is an important job. There are lots of little things in a bathroom that can hurt your new crawler. Some are more obvious than others (yes do put baby locks on the medicine cabinet), but some are less obvious and you should keep them in mind when baby proofing. Baby proof but recheck your handy work: Toilet locks, cabinet locks, power socket covers, and all of that traditional baby proofing gear only works if it's installed correctly. You may have installed it perfectly, but I've seen many babies who are smarter than the lock - no joke, my own son managed to uninstall the toilet lock no less than three times. A baby can mess with a baby proof lock and make it less efficient. Each week, double check that all your baby proofing gear is still in place and still working. Watch for slippery floors: With a new crawler / slash almost walker slick floors can be a major hazard. Make sure that everyone in the family dries the floor after showers and if they drip water on the floor after hand washing or other water tasks. Note that slick tubs themselves are also very hazardous - one study conducted at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH shows that 43,000 children are rushed to emergency departments each year because of slips or falls in the bathtub. Invest in a non-slip mat and watch your tot carefully when she's in the tub. Hair care items can be very dangerous for babies: Never leave anything plugged in and walk away - hair curlers, the blow dryer, and hot rollers can all burn a baby. A hair curler may even clamp a baby's fingers if she can figure out how it works - and she will. The garbage can is a big hazard: People toss all sorts of stuff that babies shouldn't have into the trash. While your baby is young you may want to consider a covered garbage can in the bathroom. Stuff left on the side of the tub or sink can be toxic: Shampoo, soap, hair gel, and more smell super yummy to your baby; like peaches, apples, and candy, but of course drinking these items can be extremely dangerous for your baby's health. Invest in a hanging shower caddy that your tot can't reach and always put items near the sink away in a locked cabinet. Same goes for cosmetics as well. See a full bathroom baby proofing checklist.

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