Water safety is a big deal in the summer time. Drowning is a major cause of child deaths in the...
Water safety is a big deal in the summer time. Drowning is a major cause of child deaths in the U.S. so swimming safety should be on your mind - read some tips about babies and water safety. However, water play in places like public swimming pools can affect your baby's health in other ways too.

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Here are some healthy swim time tips: Make sure the pool you take your baby to has a swim diaper rule. All babies should always wear a swim diaper to avoid peeing and pooing in the pool. One good reusable swim pant option is Bummis Eco-Friendly, Reusable Swimmi Diapers. When swimming in an outdoor pool make sure your baby wears sunscreen and isn't out too long. Make sure your tot is old enough. Old enough is usually considered about six months, although some parents get their babies in the pool sooner. If your baby was premature you may want to wait a bit later to make sure his immune system can handle a public pool. The best thing to do is to get a go ahead from your pediatrician before diving into the water and don't go to a public pool if your baby is already sick. Look out for the shivers. Your baby loses heat faster than adults in water. If you're chilly, your baby is for sure too cold. If you see him shiver or see his fingers or toes turn bluish, get out of the water. After swimming rinse off your baby with clear warm water to get all that chlorine off his skin. Also make sure to dry his ears with a small baby washcloth or cotton ball (gently). This helps prevent swimmers ear. Make sure your baby is having fun. Some little ones LOVE the water but other babies may become stressed and fatigued quickly with water play. Watch your baby for signs of agitation. A frustrated baby shouldn't have to be in the water.

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