When looking for a pediatrician, you'll want to have a set line of question you'll use for all of them....
When looking for a pediatrician, you'll want to have a set line of question you'll use for all of them. Some questions should be basic and others should be based on your family preferences. Basic questions to ask a baby doctor include: How much are office visit fees? Do emergency visit fees vary? How many visits are covered by typical fees annually? For example, some doctors will see a baby for well-baby checkups when actually your baby won't be getting shots - these are mainly advice visits. Some of us want or need the advice, and others of us don't want to pay for well-baby checkups. Does a PNP work in your office? Many doctor's offices now have PNPs, or pediatric nurse practitioners on staff. PNPs can handle almost everything a doctor can, but typically they cost less and spend more time with patients. A PNP on staff is a bonus. Is there a 24 hour phone line open? This, in my opinion, is a must have. A FREE 24 hour nurse hot line can save you many trips to the doctors and make you feel at ease. So many clinics have these phone lines now, that it's almost criminal to choose one that doesn't. How closely are appointments scheduled? If your pediatrician schedules appointments very close together (under 15 minutes) it's likely you'll end up waiting around more, because appointments always go long. 20-30 minutes is a better deal. Personal questions to ask: If you have a sensitive situation such as you are parents in a same-sex couple, you homeschool, you don't want to vaccinate, you're raising your baby as a vegetarian, or anything else considered not the "norm" discuss it before you choose a doctor. As a homeschooling parent I was challenged by many a doctor and ended up having to switch. I also raised a vegetarian baby and not all my son's doctors liked that either. Make sure your chosen doctor doesn't mesh with your parenting philosophies. Also see: Where to find a pediatrician for your newborn

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