In the last post we looked at why you should give up at least some of the war on germs....
In the last post we looked at why you should give up at least some of the war on germs. However, giving up the major war on germs doesn't mean your baby or toddler needs to be exposed to unnecessary germs. In this post we'll look at some common places germs hide.


Restaurant high chairs: High chairs are pretty germy at home or at restaurants. However at a restaurant, you've got other kiddos germs to contend with. Use a natural wipe on the parts your child may touch or use a travel high chair cover (shown above). The park or other play area: Not surprisingly, studies show that kid play areas are stuffed full with germs. While you can't avoid these germs entirely, you can teach your little one not to be that child on the playground who licks the slide. Mouth and eys contact is a fast way to spread icky germs. Make sure your child avoids mouth-equipment contact and that she doesn't rub her eyes after playing until she's washed her hands. The doctor's office: Some pediatricians have well-child areas for kids who only need check-ups. See if yours is one of them. If not limit exposure to other sick kiddos by making sure your tot shares no kisses with others, keeps toys out of her mouth, and washes her hands after playing with the toys in the waiting area. One smart idea is to bring your own toys and books, but most kids really want the toys at the office, so just wash hands after. mrs-meyers-surface-wipes.jpgShopping cart handles: I saw one study that noted that shopping cart handles are especially germy and dangerous because someone may have touched meat, then touched the handle. If your child touches that handle she could be exposed to illnesses like salmonella. This is one place where disinfectant wipes can be a good thing. One good choice are Mrs Meyers surface wipes. These are more environmentally friendly than other wipes, not tested on animals, and biodegradable. Plus they come in a small pack you can carry with you. Later - a few more places that germs can hide. Do germs freak you out, or are you laid back about them? 

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