There are lots of dangers related to the holidays. This week, I'm hoping to cover plenty of them, so you,...
There are lots of dangers related to the holidays. This week, I'm hoping to cover plenty of them, so you, your baby, and other kids can have a fun and safe holiday season.


Later, we'll look at some of the dangers more in-depth, but first I wanted to give a quick overview of five major holiday dangers for your baby.
  1. Christmas trees: Trees are a danger for many reasons - the hooks on ornaments, the light cord, the shiny (and breakable decorations), and the tree's tendency to dry out and catch fire.
  2. Toys: Gifts of toys are fun, no doubt. But they can also be dangerous. Be sure to read the 2008 “10 Worst Toys” List to get up to speed.
  3. Plants & flowers: During the holidays many people fill their homes with beautiful, but toxic to children, holiday bouquets. Later we'll look at which plants and flowers to be most aware of, but a first good rule of thumb is to simple assume that a plant is poisonous, and keep it out of reach. It's also smart to make sure you know how to contact poison control.
  4. Choking: Chocking can be a big holiday concern. You've got little ornaments that resemble candy, real hard candy on table tops, and lots of small cookie decorations sitting out. Plus there are ribbons on gifts, tinsel, and tiny stocking suffers to consider. Make sure small items are out of reach and read: How to help a choking baby.
  5. Accidents: During the holidays everyone is busy, stressed, and tired. Be aware that extra holiday cooking creates an opportunity for your baby to get a hold of a hot cookie sheet, or pot handle. Watch for open oven door. Stay safe and warm when you're outside see the Christmas lights and don't allow small children on a sled unsupervised. Also be wary of traveling during peak holiday hours (like Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and so on) - traffic accidents due to drunk driving increase on the holidays.

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