When my son was born I hadn't eaten meat in about 7 or 8 years, so I was pretty sure...
When my son was born I hadn't eaten meat in about 7 or 8 years, so I was pretty sure he'd be a vegetarian. I wasn't up for changing my entire life. But is a vegetarian diet healthy for a baby - or do they need meat? Your baby can be a vegetarian and also be perfectly healthy. My son's pediatrician suggested the following: Vegetarian diets can actually be healthier than a diet with meat. Meat contains some good protein, but also plenty of fat. Also non-organic meats have been noted as containing many toxins, antibiotics, and pesticides - so feed your baby organic meat if possible. Make sure your baby gets a wide variety of vegetarian foods. If you need help planning a well-rounded baby vegetarian diet visit the Vegetarian Site for sample menus and food choice ideas. Vegetarian babies may be more likely to enjoy veggies and fruits than their non-vegetarian peers. This turned out to be true in the case of my son; he's a vegetable freak (he will eat nothing but broccoli and red peppers for breakfast if you let him). Consider giving your baby an iron supplement early on and later a multivitamin. I did this, because my pediatrician recommended it, but it's best if you discuss this option with your baby's doctor. Babies can be vegan but they may miss out on nutrients. Although, little ones can get protein from plants, nuts, seeds, beans, and more, these foods are missing or have limited amino acids. Because in my house we ate eggs and some organic dairy, my son was good to go on protein, but if you're vegan, your baby will need amino acids from many plant-based foods. Your baby may also need an iron and zinc supplement, because plant based and egg/dairy based iron and zinc are not as easily absorbed as iron and zinc from meat. Discuss this with your baby's doctor. Are you considering a vegetarian diet for your baby?

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