Halloween can be wicked fun, but while your family is getting down with the spooky times, it's important to follow...
Halloween can be wicked fun, but while your family is getting down with the spooky times, it's important to follow some basic Halloween safety tips especially for your baby.


  • Never leave a lit jack o lantern where your baby might get it. I don't have to tell you that candles and babies mix about as well as oil and water.
  • Don't even leave an unlit jack o lantern where your baby can get it. Your baby with the new teeth is thinking, "Hmmm, I wonder how much of that pumpkin I could gnaw off" - and he might be able to. This is a choking hazard.
  • At the pumpkin patch, keep a close eye on your walking baby. There are sticky vines, rocks, and plenty of landscape to trip over. Plus older kids run like mad through the patch.
  • Any costume your baby wears should be fire-proof, and if he's at the walking stage, it should be bright so he's visible when you go trick or treating. If your baby is tiny enough to carry, but you're taking your older kids out, you should wear bright colors. Don't buy a costume that covers your baby's face entirely - there should be mouth, nose, and eye holes. Although, keep in mind, that no baby I've ever met will stand for face masks.
  • Babies cannot have most Halloween treats. Items like soft chocolate or cookies are ok, but hard candy, lollies, candy corn, popcorn, sticky candy, and very small candy is not safe and poses a choking risk. So do some of the wrappers. If you have older kids, make sure they keep their candy up and away from your baby. Just to be extra safe, read: How to help a choking baby.
  • Always brush your baby's teeth after he has a Halloween treat like a cookie or chocolate.
  • Pumpkin seeds are not a safe baby snack - too small.
  • When carving your pumpkin do it on a table. Carving on the floor means that seeds, knives, and other sharp instruments are right within reach of your baby.
To see Halloween safety tips for older children, visit the Halloween Safety Guide.

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