In the last post we looked at how to locate a pediatrician, but that's only half of it. After locating...
In the last post we looked at how to locate a pediatrician, but that's only half of it. After locating a potential pediatrician you'll want to ask some questions and take a look at the clinic space. Here's what you should be considering - and some questions you can ask a potential pediatrician: Is the doctor affiliated with a hospital: This can be useful when it comes to getting referrals for specialty doctors and other care providers. Also, in an emergency, you'll possibly feel better if your personal baby doctor has hospital privileges. This should not make or break your choice, it's just one consideration. My son had a wonderful pediatrician when he was a newborn, and she had no hospital affiliation. How close and accessible is the clinic: What are the hours like? Are there weekend and late night hours available? What about holidays? Of course it's best to choose a clinic that's close to your home. Is there a clinic 24 hour advice telephone line: In my opinion, you should never choose a pediatrician who does not have a nurse advice line. Advice lines can save you countless hours and also lower your health care costs. For example, if your baby has a fever and a cough, he might just need some at home care, but without an advice line, you'd never know. An advice nurse can give you suggestions and let you know when and if your baby should be seen by the doctor. This is SO much better than sitting in the waiting room and exposing your child to sick germs. Also, it saves you the cost of a visit. How are you treated: Are you comfortable with both the doctor and staff, or are they short with you? If the clinic staff is rude, rushes you, or refuses to answer your questions, it won't be fun when you have a sick little one - look elsewhere. What is the clinic philosophy: It's smart to know your pediatricians take on baby care, breastfeeding, nutrition, and other basics. Also, if you have special concerns like you know you don't want to vaccinate, or that you'll eventually homeschool, or you want to feed your baby only organic foods, make sure your potential pediatrician doesn't turn up his nose at your ideals. Trust me, I've dealt with clinic staff who hate homeschoolers and it sucks. No matter your parenting choices, your baby's doctor should be on board to help you and support your baby's health; he's not there to tell you what to think and do philosophy-wise. Billing and financial matters: Make sure the clinic is straight forward about payments, billing, and insurance matters.

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