Choosing a pediatrician for your newborn is a big task, but you can break down the hunt by knowing who...
Choosing a pediatrician for your newborn is a big task, but you can break down the hunt by knowing who can help you locate the perfect pediatrician... The following folks will be able to help you find a great pediatrician: Other parents: preferably, you'll want to ask parents who you trust and who also live close to you. It's no good to have a super pediatrician who lives 45 minutes away. Make sure you ask friends who have the same parenting philosophy as you. If your pal Maggie hates breastfeeding and thinks child nutrition is apple flavored candy, ask another parent. A pediatric nurse: Even if you don't know a nurse personally, it's smart to call and speak with one at the doctor's office you're considering. Nurses do 80% of the work at clinics (trust me I was in RN clinicals in college) and nurses have honest opinions about a doctor's bedside manner. If the clinic nurses don't like the doc, I'd look elsewhere. Your prenatal health care provider: Your midwife or doctor likely have a list of pediatricians they trust and work closely with, and they also have patients who return and discuss said pediatricians with them. AAP Pediatrician Referral Service: This service can help you find information about pediatrician credentials, but no personal information (like what other parents think). If you use this service, or one like it, call the clinic and ask to speak with a clinic nurse (see above nurse tip). La Leche League: If you're a big time breastfeeding advocate, LLL can hook you up with a pediatrician in your area who will support your choice. Coming up; questions to ask a potential pediatrician and ways you can tell if this is the right pediatrician for you.

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