Did you ever see that old 80s movie; Terms of Endearment? I saw it when I was a kid. The...
Did you ever see that old 80s movie; Terms of Endearment? baby sleepI saw it when I was a kid. The movie starts off with Shirley MacLaine thinking her baby's not breathing when really she's just peacefully sleeping in her crib. So MacLaine shakes her a bit, until the baby starts crying. MacLaine walks off saying, "That's better." As a kid, it seemed funny, and it was meant to be, but what's really funny, is that no one tells you just how true that is. I remember how deep Cedar would sleep as a newborn. I felt like holding a mirror in front of his face. No joke. If you feel anxious when you see how deep your newborn sleep; no worries. I swear, all mamas go through this. Newborns usually sleep a lot, and when they sleep, they sleep deep. While some newborns sleep only ten hours a day on average, some do sleep quite a lot more - up to 18 hours plus. It can seem like too much. However, babies are doing some serious developing, and have been through a lot during the birth process. All that sleep is normal, and as a new mama you don't need to worry. As long as you're feeding your newborn every three or so hours (yes you can wake him up to feed him) there's no cause for worry. Before long, he'll be more alert and awake most of the day, and you'll be wishing he still did some of that heavy sleeping - trust me. Enjoy this peaceful time.

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