In the last post we looked at baby and toddler health issues you can treat yourself at home. Now we're...
In the last post we looked at baby and toddler health issues you can treat yourself at home. Now we're going to look at some times when you absolutely must take your baby or toddler to the doctors office or possibly the emergency room. You suspect your baby has ingested a poison. Say you come into the kitchen and your baby is under the sink with some cleaners out and a wet looking mouth. Go to the doctors right away. If you know the poison your baby has ingested, call poison control (1-800-222-1222) or 911 asap or your baby's doctor. No matter what, poisoning always requires professional attention, even if your baby seems fine. Your baby was choking on an item, but you managed to correctly dislodge it. Even though you stop your baby from choking, he'll still need to see a doctor to make sure there's no damage to your baby's throat, ribs, or back. Puncture wounds - such as your baby is punctured by a nail, pencil, tack, etc. Your baby falls and loses consciousness. Your baby was bitten by an animal that is not your personal pet with up-to-date shots. Your baby is burned by hot water, fire, or another heat source. Some guides note that a first degree burn does not require that you see a doctor. A first degree burn is when burns are superficial, the skin just turns red, sort of like a sunburn. If my son got a bad first degree burn as a baby, I'd have taken him into the doctors. It's your call, but babies are so small that any burn is no good in my opinion. Any second or third degree burns require professional help. Your baby has been in a car accident. Even a minor car accident could cause injury to a baby. Even if he seems fine, see a doctor to have your little one checked out. It's also good to note that if you're in a car accident, you should replace your baby's car seat, regardless of if the car seat looks fine or not. Studies show that car seats can incur internal problems from even small car accidents and that means they may not work as well.

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