As if you needed another reason to quit smoking... or at least quit smoking around your kids, some new findings...
As if you needed another reason to quit smoking... or at least quit smoking around your kids, some new findings have been released about littles and secondhand smoke. HealthDay News is reporting that secondhand smoke causes the worst signs of cardiovascular damage in very young children. A newer study looked at children, ages 2-14 years, both living and not living around secondhand smoke. The children who were were exposed to secondhand smoke showed increased signs of inflammation and vascular injury, as compared to children not living with secondhand smoke. Both of the markers, (inflammation & vascular injury) are suggestive of an increased risk of heart disease. Of children who were exposed to secondhand smoke, the younger the child, the more damage the tests showed. HealthDay News quotes one of the researchers, who notes, "Forty percent of toddlers in our study had nicotine content that in adults would suggest that they were active smokers. But, an active smoker has a filter on cigarettes. The toxicity from smoke that is inhaled in the atmosphere is worse because there's no filter." The youngest children in the study showed about six times higher nicotine levels than older kids in the study did. It's pretty scary when you hear that little kids can be confused with active smokers, because of their body's nicotine content. If you can't quit smoking, at least don't smoke around your kids. Make your home and car smoke-free zones. Damaging your own health is one thing, but allowing your kids to inhale smoke is extremely dangerious and abusive. Consider quitting. You want to be around for your kids and grandkids, right? I know you do, and your kids need you to be healthy and available too. If you need help quitting smoking either while pregnant or while parenting, read these posts for more information: Why some pregnant women can’t quit smoking How to quit smoking when you’re pregnant You can also contact or Smoking Cessation Support to find free and useful advice and support.

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