More specifically, how to make your baby's immune system stronger so it can deal with the world around her. Germ...
More specifically, how to make your baby's immune system stronger so it can deal with the world around her. Germ proofing is a long topic, so we'll look at interaction this post, and other tips in the next. protect your babyThere are tons of germs out there. I went to college for nursing and midwifery so I took all the science courses - we grew bacteria like you wouldn't believe, using swabs from basic items; books, clothing, shelves, and money. Germs are everywhere, and lots of those germs can make you sick. Don't panic though. While your little one's immune system is not fully developed yet, there are still plenty of ways to protect her and keep her healthy. Don't panic: I know, I already said that. However, if you panic too much it can actually hurt your baby's immune system. If you hide her away from the outside world, and other people she's not going to get interaction. Plus her picking up basic germs, like the ones that cause colds, will help her to develop immunities. In addition, some studies and researchers believe that cleaning constantly with antibacterial soaps and cleaners will only help to create stronger germs. Germs immune to your strong cleaners. In college microbiology, I did an experiment once where my class swabbed the floor, and then grew bacteria from the swabs. The trick was we cleaned the floor first. Some groups cleaned with Lysol, others with floor cleaners, and some with soap and hot water. The group with hot water cleaned longer though (for about three minutes vs. one). You know what? The group cleaning with hot water and soap grew the least amount of bacteria - meaning that hot water and soap was far more effective at killing bacteria than other products. That said, during your baby's first few months you do need to make sure that anyone who holds her, washes their hands first. Don't put her in harms way either. Yes, it's great for her to develop immunities, but don't let someone who is sick hold her. With a newborn, it's also a good idea to avoid super large crowds (like the mall). Next up... more tips for boosting your baby's immune system.

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