Don't Worry, Be Happy!

I wish I would have been not worried about morning sickness -- sadly I felt ill much of my pregnancy but many women don't and it's nothing to worry about.

pregnant woman suffering from morning sickness

I've seen and you may have also seen some articles or books that note that a lack of morning sickness can mean something is wrong with your baby. Some studies do indicate that women with little or no morning sickness may have lower levels of hCG and a higher rate of miscarriage. However, other research shows that about 25% or so of pregnant women never experience morning sickness and their babies are born healthy and happy. Overall if you have concerns talk to your care provider but try not to worry -- just because your pregnancy lacks morning sickness is, in itself no cause for concern. Use the time to your advantage and be glad that you get to enjoy your early pregnancy nausea free. PP Keyword: WORRY worth 50 points good through 11/25/07

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