If you have a toddler who still likes his binky it's best to try and wean him off once his...
If you have a toddler who still likes his binky it's best to try and wean him off once his teeth start coming in. Sometimes this doesn't always work. Cedar liked a pacifier when I would get tired of breastfeeding. He LOVED breastfeeding but seriously I just could not have him attached to me 24/7. So I let him have a pacifier. But he did not want to wean off of it. In fact he wouldn't quit until age three. binky-baby.jpgI guess it's not always a dangerous as they say because his dentist says he has perfect teeth. But still the sooner you can wean your baby off the better. What finally worked for us was I told Cedar he could buy one toy at Toys R Us using his pacifiers as cash because the toy store was looking for extras. He bought it and went to the store, got a toy, and handed his pacifiers to the cashier while I slipped her cash. That first night (and second) were a little tough but cold turkey worked ok for us. WomensHealth.gov recommends the following tips to wean your baby off his binky friend:
  • "Try reducing access time to a pacifier to only night time and nap time, then gradually work the infant up to sleeping without it.
  • Have your child trade a pacifier for a game, book or toy that is more enjoyable and productive.
  • Have the child spend time with other toddlers who no longer use a pacifier.
  • Explain that pacifiers that are used when you are a baby, and one isn't needed now that he or she is older.
  • Reward the child for time spent without a pacifier, with things like stickers, gold stars or a stuffed animal.
  • Be patient and offer lots of reassurance, but don't give up on trying to break the habit.
  • Offer lots of hugs."
I've heard one or two ideas that I DO NOT recommend. If you've heard these ideas do not use them. Try one of the above instead. I read about a mama who snipped the edge of the pacifier off gradually (like a snip a night) for a week until there was no suck left and it did wean her daughter but it's not a good idea. Her pediatrician actually told her to do this and I'm a little astounded at that fact. A broken pacifier increases the chances that your baby will bite some off or that some will break off and she could choke. This is a super dangerous idea. There's that nail biting liquid you can buy for older kids that tastes icky -- do not try painting the pacifier with this. It can break down the pacifier resulting in choking and also there are chemicals in that liquid that your baby should not have. It's fine to wean your baby off a pacifier but just make sure you do it safely.

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