No one likes to hear their baby cry. It's frustrating for you and it seems pretty stressful for your baby...
No one likes to hear their baby cry. It's frustrating for you and it seems pretty stressful for your baby too. There are some ways you can actually have a calmer less likely to cry baby. 842358_charlize_mr_9.jpgSound to good to be true? Well, the catch of course is that no two people, thus no two babies are exactly alike. What works for one may not work for another. However, that said, studies show that communities and mamas who do the following have babies that tend to cry less. Most of these tools involve what some people call attachment or intuitive parenting. I'm not so sure I love either title, simply because attachment to me sounds almost like your child is a Lego piece and intuitive suggests that if we aren't feeling particularly intuitive there's something wrong (there's not -- we all have days when we need parenting help). Maybe I'll call it baby focused parenting. I like that, because it's true. If you focus on your baby he is likely to cry less. Try the following baby focused tips to try and stay one step ahead of the tears.
  • Carry or hold your baby as much as you can. You can get a sling or simply use your arms. Your touch is one of the most soothing things you can do for your baby.
  • Be responsive. This means if your baby starts to cry or looks as if he's looking for you -- respond. Talk to him, pick him up, change his diaper, try different things. The more you respond the more you'll learn what works to sooth your baby at different times.
  • Breastfeed. Like touch, breastfeeding is soothing to your baby. Also, babies who breastfeed have less air in their tummy which equals less tummy upset which cycles back to this whole no crying thing we're trying to achieve.
  • Sleep with your baby. Certain groups have come forward as of late saying that co-sleeping is bad, dangerous, and a whole other slew of negatives. I will tell you that one, I slept with my little and he is perfectly fine. Two, most cultures co-sleep. America frowns on it and yet we have higher rates of SIDS than places that always co-sleep. This is a much longer conversation for another time. But, all the co-sleeping babies I've known cry less. Period. If you aren't comfortable with co-sleeping, at least have your baby in the same room with you. Remember the point "be responsive" it's hard to be responsive if your baby is across the hall.
  • Include your baby. Include him in all that you do. Talk to him while you wash dishes, play with him, read to him, let him sit nearby while you eat. Show him the same respect that you show your friends or partner. Just because babies are small and cannot talk or move as much as us they still have feeling and love to be included in your world.
What has worked for you to get your baby to stop crying?

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