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Although a mother's bond with an infant can become a powerful one, what's to say that a similar bond can't be created for the father? Bonding through babywearing can be just as beneficial for Daddy.

Bonding through babywearing

Contributed by Ken Myers

Babywearing is nothing more than providing comfort to a baby through the process of constant contact with a parental figure. This isn't saying that mothers don't truly benefit from the process. But we do need to acknowledge that Daddy is more than just the guy who usually lays down the rules, drinks beer and is easily distracted in a grocery store.

Less stress

Wearing your baby like an umpire's vest keeps your child within eyesight at all times. There is no need to panic if the baby carriage is empty. In fact, there is no use for the carriage at this point anyway. That would be like making sure you still have a fork when eating soup. Remember, no matter where you go, there you are — as is your baby.


Ever wonder why Mommy is always too tired to function most of the time? Wear a baby around for a few days. Although an infant doesn't weigh much for the first few hours, the additional weight starts to work your muscles — especially if you are not used to it. For the dads that are out of shape, wearing a baby for a weekend could make the muscles in your abdomen feel like you've been working out constantly. This doesn't mean you should wear your baby for the mere benefit of physical enhancement. It's simply a side-benefit of babywearing.


Children enjoy constant caring contact. It makes them feel safe and secure. Wearing your child like an overcoat allows them to feel your body heat and comforts him or her. As they slowly become simply too big to carry, you may find that they don't want to leave your side regardless of the situation. However, this could be detrimental when you want to hang out with the boys. Just make sure you spend more time with your child than you do playing pool.


If you want to better understand Mommy's feelings about the child, subject yourself to babywearing. Between the physical aspects and the emotional bonding you develop with your child, you can develop a greater appreciation of what the mother has gone through — and will go through over time. You just may find yourself attaching to your child on a level you never realized before.


It's harder for a dad to get away with activities he once took for granted if the baby is looking up with accusatory eyes. Smoking is no longer an option and you might need to forgo gluttonous eating, drinking and certain social topics with the guys. It's a way to keep yourself in check that eventually turns into a habit-forming alternative lifestyle for your own self-improvement. You want to set the best example you can, and what better way than to have your child always monitoring your activities?

Being close to your child can open your heart in ways you never thought possible. There is no doubt that you love your child, but there is something to be said about the constant contact babywearing provides on a psychological level. It's a powerful feeling you get when you come to the realization that this child is an extension of yourself — and needs to be comforted and assured that Daddy will always be present. To some of us, bonding with our children takes on a spiritual aspect that can never be broken.

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