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Blended baby names are the coolest.


You know when you and your partner are trying to come up with a name for your baby and you reach that point where it seems like you will just never agree? And you kind of sort of just wish there was a way you could both have the name of your choosing and call it a day?

Well, my friends, I present to you the beauty of the blended baby name.

Blended baby names are just as they sound — two names blended together to create one whole new name. It may sound a little crazy, but when you think about it, a lot of names that are mainstream are actually blended names, like Benson (which literally means, "son of Ben") or Ann-Marie. With more and more couples opting for unique baby names, blended baby names are a really great option to create something personalized to your little one. You could blend your and your partner's first names, last names, middle names, cities of conception, special places — I mean, really, the possibilities are endless. And even if you don't come up with something you think will stick or not lead to merciless playground teasing, it can be really fun to play around with these websites that specialize in blending baby names for you.

Best Little Baby

I had so much fun playing with this baby name generator website. You just plug in two names and it will generate tons of different baby names based off of the two, with different options to mix it up. You can choose a gender-based name, names based on meanings and even request an ethnic origin to the name. I have no idea how accurate any of it is, but it will provide plenty of pregnancy entertainment, trust me on that one. Plugging in my name with my husband's garnered me a few gems like "Aurina" and "Bruin."

Baby Name Guide

This website works the same way, with an option to plug in two names and reveal a customized baby name just for you. Alternatively, you can opt to use only one name by putting the same name in both fields, and it will churn out different variations of that name, which is a nice twist. I tried this site too and it came up with a ton of names, although I'm not entirely sure they were blended as well as the first website. Regardless, it provided a lot of inspiration.

Baby Name Genie

Putting a "magical" spin on choosing a baby name is this website, which features a floating genie to grant your wish to find the perfect baby name. The site claims to be handy for choosing first or middle names and all you have to do is plug in the baby's chosen last name, pick a gender for the name (if you wish) and presto — a name is your command. The genie will deliver you the perfect first and middle name, and I have to admit that when I tried it, I actually did love the name the genie served up to me. Thanks, Genie!

Baby Name Scramble

Put those names in a pan and scramble up for a new baby name that's fit for your family. So many innuendos I can do from eggs, babies and scrambles, I just don't even know where to begin. This site is pretty straightforward and you can type in two names for a short, manageable list of name suggestions. Just for fun, I plugged in everyone's favorite celebrity couple (ha!), Kim and Kayne, into this site and it came up with "Kia, "May" and "Kane."

Think Baby Names

If you don't want to go through the work of coming up with two names to blend together, this website has a great alphabetical list of blended baby names for inspiration. A few examples would be Ashlynn or Cady.

Message boards

Aside from traditional sites that generate baby names, you can also just browse generic message boards or paste a callout on social media for unique baby names — you won't believe some of the names that people come up with all on their own. One message board contained made-up names like "Avrianna" and "Xiomara."

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