Popular Baby Names
Of 2011

The Social Security Administration just released the top 100 baby names for 2011 – and there are a few surprises on the list! After two years with the baby girl name Isabella in the top spot, there is a new most popular baby girl name. Will Jacob hold on to the most popular boy name for the thirteenth year in a row? Check out the top 100 baby girl names and baby boy names for 2011.

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The most popular baby names of 2011 are Jacob and Sophia! Jacob is the top name for boys for the thirteenth year in a row. That is a quite a winning streak! Isabella was the top name for girls for two years in a row, however Sophia has moved up to the top position for 2011.

The name Mia has moved up one spot, switching with Chloe. The baby girl name that is increasing in popularity the fastest is Briella, followed by Angelique. Perhaps Jerseylicious star, Briella Calafiore, had an influence on the baby name list this year?

Mason was number 25 last year, but jumped all the way to the second most popular names for baby boys. Perhaps Kourtney Kardashian’s son, Mason, was the reason for this big jump. The baby boy names that are rising in popularity the fastest are Brantley and Iker. Brantley Gilbert is a popular country singer with the hit song, “Country Must Be Country Wide,” while Iker could be from Iker Casillas Fernandez, the goalkeeper for Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team.

Check out the entire list of the top 100 baby names for 2011 right here!

Rank Boy names Girl names
1 Jacob Sophia
2 Mason Isabella
3 William Emma
4 Jayden Olivia
5 Noah Ava
6 Michael Emily
7 Ethan Abigail
8 Alexander Madison
9 Aiden Mia
10 Daniel Chloe
11 Anthony Elizabeth
12 Matthew Ella
13 Elijah Addison
14 Joshua Natalie
15 Liam Lily
16 Andrew Grace
17 James Samantha
18 David Avery
19 Benjamin Sofia
20 Logan Aubrey
21 Christopher Brooklyn
22 Joseph Lillian
23 Jackson Victoria
24 Gabriel Evelyn
25 Ryan Hannah
26 Samuel Alexis
27 John Charlotte
28 Nathan Zoey
29 Lucas Leah
30 Christian Amelia
31 Jonathan Zoe
32 Caleb Hailey
33 Dylan Layla
34 Landon Gabriella
35 Isaac Nevaeh
36 Gavin Kaylee
37 Brayden Alyssa
38 Tyler Anna
39 Luke Sarah
40 Evan Allison
41 Carter Savannah
42 Nicholas Ashley
43 Isaiah Audrey
44 Owen Taylor
45 Jack Brianna
46 Jordan Aaliyah
47 Brandon Riley
48 Wyatt Camila
49 Julian Khloe
50 Aaron Claire
51 Jeremiah Sophie
52 Angel Arianna
53 Cameron Peyton
54 Connor Harper
55 Hunter Alexa
56 Adrian Makayla
57 Henry Julia
58 Eli Kylie
59 Justin Kayla
60 Austin Bella
61 Robert Katherine
62 Charles Lauren
63 Thomas Gianna
64 Zachary Maya
65 Jose Sydney
66 Levi Serenity
67 Kevin Kimberly
68 Sebastian Mackenzie
69 Chase Autumn
70 Ayden Jocelyn
71 Jason Faith
72 Ian Lucy
73 Blake Stella
74 Colton Jasmine
75 Bentley Morgan
76 Dominic Alexandra
77 Xavier Trinity
78 Oliver Molly
79 Parker Madelyn
80 Josiah Scarlett
81 Adam Andrea
82 Cooper Genesis
83 Brody Eva
84 Nathaniel Ariana
85 Carson Madeline
86 Jaxon Brooke
87 Tristan Caroline
88 Luis Bailey
89 Juan Melanie
90 Hayden Kennedy
91 Carlos Destiny
92 Jesus Maria
93 Nolan Naomi
94 Cole London
95 Alex Payton
96 Max Lydia
97 Grayson Ellie
98 Bryson Mariah
99 Diego Aubree
100 Jaden Kaitlyn

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