Create A Smoothly Flowing Baby Name

Are you unsure how to blend a baby name with your last name? Fortunately, there are a few unwritten rules you can turn to for guidance. Keep syllables and sounds in mind as you craft the perfect first name for your baby that flows well with your last name.

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Cadence, syllables and specific sounds are just a few tips we have for you to remember when you are dreaming up a terrific name for your baby-to-be. Some names that you love might just not flow well with your last name. Here's how to get started!

Some syllable rules

There are a few guidelines you can go by when thinking about baby names to pair with your last name. These rules are not hard and fast, but they may give you a good starting point if you haven't gotten very far yet in your baby name journey.

If your last name has one syllable, such as Smith, Drake or Cross, names with multiple syllables will flow very well. Elizabeth Smith sounds beautiful, as does Christopher Drake or Evangeline Cross. A single-syllable first name may sound too abrupt when paired with a similar last name.

If your last name has two syllables, a good bet is to select a first name that has the same. If your last name is Meyer, for example, look for names such as Chloe, Benji, Hayden or Josie. For an even better sound, pick a first name that puts the emphasis on the second syllable, such as Adair or Simone.

A long last name will do well with a shorter first name. You can go very short with a one-syllable name such as Leigh, Hank, Belle or Drew, or bump it up a syllable with a baby name like Gordon, Janelle, Lila or Arthur.

Beginning and ending sounds

Unless you want to have a baby name that features the same starting sound, you might want to avoid using a name that starts with the same sound that your last name begins with. Bethany may be a name you really want to use, but if your last name is Boyd, you may want to reconsider it.

Another thing to keep in mind is the ending sound. Trevor is a cute name, but it can sound a little redundant when paired with the last name Cooper. For a boy's name, pair an "-n" sound with an "-r" sound for a great flow, such as Brennan Cooper, or the other way around, with Connor Tyson. Many girl names end with an "-a" sound, while many last names do not, so hopefully you will be able to avoid ditching a name you both enjoy due to a similar last name sound.

These rules are not absolute by any means, and many names sound just fine when these suggestions are ignored, but you may find that the best name is the one that sounds simply divine when paired with your last name -- try shouting it out your back door for practice!

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