Wearin' o' the Green? Here are the 15 most popular baby names for Irish lads and lasses.
1. Jack
2. Sean
3. Adam
4. Conor
5. James
6. Daniel
7. Cian
8. Luke
9. Aaron
10. Michael
11. Dylan
12. Ryan
13. Jamie
14. Ben

1. Emma
2. Sarah
3. Katie
4. Amy
5. Aoife (pronounced Ee'-fa, which is the Gaelic version of Eve/Eva)
6. Ciara
7. Sophie
8. Chloe
9. Leigh
10. Ella
11. Emily
12. Rachel
13. Naihm
14. Grace
15. Rebecca

There were eight new entries to the top 100 for boys: Cameron, Colin, Daire, Emmanuel, Karl, Max, Reece and Ruairi. The highest new entry was Colin, and the highest climber was Kian, which rose from 268th place in 1998 to 65th place in 2003. First-time entries to the top 100 are Ruairi, Emmanuel and Max.

There were nine new names in the top 100 for girls: Alana, Amber, Aoibhe, Cara, Clara, Faye, Naomi, Sophia and Sorcha. The highest new entry was Clara, and the highest climber was Abby, which rose from 327th place in 1998 to 60th place in 2003. Newcomers to the top 100 are Faye, Naomi, Aoibhe and Sophia.

Just can't get enough? For more names like these, pick up Celtic Names for Children by Loreto Todd (O'Brien Press) or O'Baby: The Irish Baby Name Book by Geoffrey Johnson.

Our source: The Central Statistics Office in Cork, Ireland. Names for the year 2003. PregnancyAndBaby.com


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