Ireland's Most Popular Baby Names

Here are the ten most popular baby names for Irish lads and lasses in the year 2002. Sláinte!
Nancy J Price

  1. Jack
  2. Sean
  3. Adam
  4. Conor
  5. James
  6. Daniel
  7. Cian
  8. Michael
  9. David
  10. Luke

  1. Sarah
  2. Aoife
  3. Ciara
  4. Emma
  5. Chloe
  6. Amy
  7. Katie
  8. Niamh
  9. Sophie
  10. Lauren
(If you're wondering how on Earth to pronounce Aoife, try Ee'-fa, which is the Gaelic version of Eve/Eva.)

For more names like these, pick up Celtic Names for Children by Loreto Todd (O'Brien Press) or O'Baby: The Irish Baby Name Book by Geoffrey Johnson.

Our source: The Central Statistics Office in Cork,

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