How The Dolls And Fellas Were Naming Babies In The 1920s

Silent films were hot, as were stars Rudolph Valentino and Clara Bow. Presidents Wilson, Harding, Coolidge and Hoover did stints in office, and flagpole sitting, dance marathons and Houdini's great escapes kept the American public entertained. Here's a look at what the dolls and fellas were naming babies back in the twenties!
Popular names of yesteryear

  1. Mary
  2. Dorothy
  3. Helen
  4. Betty
  5. Margaret
  6. Ruth
  7. Virginia
  8. Doris
  9. Mildred
  10. Elizabeth


  1. Robert
  2. John
  3. James
  4. William
  5. Charles
  6. George
  7. Joseph
  8. Richard
  9. Edward
  10. Donald
No, we didn't hit up our grandparents for these names. This information is actually based on a five percent sampling of US Social Security card applications with dates of birth from January 1920 through December

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