Peek At The Favorite Names Of The French

Bébé bébé! What are moms and dads from Paris to Marseille naming their babies? Here's a current list of trés chic names.
Nancy & Betsy

Girls (filles):
1. Léa
2. Chloé
3. Emma
4. Camille
5. Manon

Boys (garçons)
1. Théo
2. Hugo
3. Lucas
4. Thomas
5. Quentin

Want more? Other currently popular names in France include Sarah, Océane, Margaux, Mathilde and Laura for girls; and Alexandre, Antoine, Maxime, Valentin and Clément for boys.

And for those of you wondering: the é - e with an accent aigu - is pronounced like the name of the letter A in English.

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