There are all sorts of ways you can go green with your baby care. Some are easier than others. For...
There are all sorts of ways you can go green with your baby care. Some are easier than others. For example, cloth diapers can be tough if you're not used to them. Finding an organic mattress may be impossible. Locating cost-friendly green toys is often hard. What's easy? Going green with your diaper bag! An eco-friendly diaper bag is one small and pretty much painless way to make a difference for the planet. Many diaper bags are made with leather, non-organic cotton, plastic or other non-eco materials. The diaper bags below are all made with greener materials and have a much smaller footprint than traditional diaper bags. As a bonus, all of these diaper bags are attractive. You'll love to carry these! [gallery]
  • The Lexie Tote from Fleurville is lovely, comes in many designer looks and is 100% functional for mamas and babies on the go. This tote has custom hardware, Green fake "Leather" trim, a seam sealed, water-proof main compartment, multiple pockets and comes complete with a universal stroller attachment. Changing pad included.
  • For eco-savvy dads the Eco-Friendly Messenger II from Diaper Dude is perfect. Made with recycled PET material (plastic water bottles) offers plenty of baby friendly features.
  • Go Gaga The Messenger Bag is a recycled tote made from 72% post consumer recycled fabric by a fair trade certified manufacturer. Comes with lots of pocket space, tons of other features and is available in many color choices.
  • Eco Stroller Totes are constructed with nylon made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles and are trimmed with a naturally biodegradable canvas. Clips to your stroller's handles, has an adjustable shoulder strap, zipped top closure, and loads of pockets inside and out. Changing pad included.
  • The Re-Run Messenger from Fleurville is one of my fave eco-bags. This bag is made with recycled plastic bottle fabric, is spacious and lightweight and super feature-rich.
  • Billboard bags are partially made from recycled billboards and a new dad will love this unique bag. Each one is one-of-a-kind and tons of styles are available.

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