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  1. Bye, bye baby

    My daughter turns five today. And while I'm so proud of the amazing little young lady she's become, I cannot help but shed a tear...
  2. Celebrate Prince George's birthday

    In honor of Prince George of Cambridge's first birthday today, we've compiled some cool London-inspired must-haves for your own...
  3. 7 Adorable footprint keepsakes from Etsy

    I have a slight obsession with my babies' feet. With each new baby, I've made a point to capture their little baby footprints forever.
  4. Mom-to-be turned away from hospital twice

    A British mom-to-be who is in labor is turned away from the hospital not once, but twice, and ultimately gives birth on the floor of...
  5. Witnesses have Texas mom's back

    A day after Gabriel del Valle accused a woman in Katy, Texas, of getting her hair cut while her two young toddlers sat in the hot...
  6. Jeff Bauman, fiancee welcome baby girl

    Jeff Bauman lost his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. But just over a year later, he's gained so much more.
  7. 6 Diet tips for gestational diabetes

    Gestational diabetes can be a confusing disease, but stick to some of these recommended foods to make things a little easier.